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Helping Our Missionaries

EBC currently supports 17 missionaries both prayerfully AND financially. At times, some of our missionaries have needs that go beyond the amounts they receive in regular financial support. It is sometimes difficult for them to share additional financial needs with their supporting churches and families, but the EBC mission team has encouraged our missionaries to let us know when they have a specific need so that we may pass the info along to our church family. We have recently been made aware of several needs of some of our missionaries and we would like to pass those needs on to you so that you can be praying and if you are able, possibly help financially in one or more of the following areas.

Joel and Andi McMartin (Ethnos 360, Senegal) – After our recent EBC Senegal trip, one of our team members received a message from Andi saying that they lost a huge portion of their support this year due to retirement of supporters. They say that God has been faithful and they are making it, but it sometimes seems like a miracle. They will need to raise support when they return next furlough.

If you can help now with additional monthly support, please let Joel and Andi know.

Roger and Fredine Derpilus (Haitian Leadership Development, Senegal) – EBC helps to support these Haitian missionaries who serve in the same area as Bruce and Cindy McMartin in Senegal with a small amount given monthly to Haitian Leadership Development. We prayed for Roger quite a bit the first half of 2017 when he was in the hospital, seriously ill and having surgery for gall stones at that time. Our Senegal Team had the privilege and blessing of meeting Roger and Fredine when they were in Senegal last month. They found out while they were there that his car needs to be fixed and it’s quite expensive to do that in Senegal. We received an email a couple weeks ago from Bruce McMartin letting us know that it is going to cost between $2000-3000 to fix it up. Here in the U.S. one could get another car for that amount and be off and running. To get a decent car in Senegal, one needs at least $5000.

If you are interested in helping with this need, please let Bruce McMartin know and he can get more details to you about how to go about doing that.

Dan and Katie Anderson (Kids Alive, Peru) – Dan recently had a role change in the Kids Alive Peru ministry and is now the country director position for Kids Alive Peru. You can read a more detailed explanation of what this means for them, but they have two specific requests. One is a one-time financial need so that their family can attend a forum in Indiana this fall for the Kids Alive country directors from around the world. The second need is ongoing, in that they will need to raise their support level to meet some of the extra cost of this new position, especially in light of the extra travel that Dan and sometimes the family will need to do.

If you can help with either of these needs, please contact Dan.

This last item is specifically a call for prayer.

Tom and Debbie Wood (iTee Global) – Debbie was just diagnosed last week with a very serious cancer and has a huge cancerous tumor in her abdomen with lung tumors and bone spots too. She found out just this morning that it is a leiomyosarcoma and will need to be working with a whole team of specialists in Seattle for treatment of this rare cancer. She had been scheduled to leave on August 4 for Texas to do a 4-day teacher training for Spanish speakers heading to Cuba, but that had to be canceled due to this health situation. She is asking prayer for grace and strength for the whole family as they walk through this with their hand firmly in Jesus’ hand. She is also asking for prayer for healing if you have faith that is what God wants for her. Please read her most recent update received just this morning here.

Besides prayer, she will need medical rides since Tom doesn’t drive, as well as housing, transportation and other support in Seattle if anyone has any connections. They attend EBC regularly. Please let Debbie know if you can help with this. 

Sharon Pack and the
EBC Mission Team

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