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Holiday Helping

Acts of charity around the holidays is an established tradition throughout America. Toy drives, food drives and other such efforts are widely promoted at schools, grocery stores, businesses and of course, churches.

While I am thankful that our country continues to value kindness to our fellow man, I want to urge our church to remember there is a much higher value that drives our giving: the Holy God. The word “holiday” literally means “holy day,” a day to celebrate our Holy God. What better way to celebrate the Holy One than to imitate his ultimate gift of salvation with small (by comparison) acts of compassion to others.

There are two gifts of compassion we are inviting you to take part in in honor of the Holy One this holiday season.

Serving Families at Marrion Elementary: In the next two weeks we hope to provide 50 families with three items.
– $25 Family Friendly Winco gift cards (need 100)
– Holiday decoration (need 50 – can be Thanksgiving or Christmas – your choice!)
– Personal greeting card to a family (need 50)
Bring these items to the church by Sunday November 14

Serving Families at Open House Ministries: In December we hope to provide 30 families with three items.
– Hams (need 30)
– Family game basket (need 30 – use your own creativity as far as what to include here)
– Personal greeting card to a family (need 30)
These items will be collected in early December. Please RSVP to the EBC Office if you would like to help with this outreach.

Pastor Toby

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