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Hope Amidst the Crisis in Haiti

If you were in church this last weekend, you heard me share during the spotlight (you can watch the spotlight here) on behalf of missionaries Johny and Rosadite Phillippe. We have supported the Philippes since 2013, shortly after a short-term team from EBC got the chance to meet them in Haiti and hear of their ministry among their fellow Haitians. They have given their lives to serve the Lord and to care for and provide for many young people in the country. And even as the country has devolved into much chaos and they have been uprooted from their home, still they are committed to the call and mission to serve the Lord among the young people in Haiti.

Johny provided us with a video that gives us a picture of the hard things they are experiencing, as well as a picture of how they are continuing in their efforts to share the gospel with young people. The video is in not in English, but there are English subtitles that help you understand. If you would like to watch it, please email the EBC Office for a link.. As you watch, please pray for Johny and Rosadite as they serve the Lord in the place where He has planted them. The video is just over seven minutes long, and it is worth your time and attention, though please do not post links to it on any social media.

Pastor Ryan Donovan

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