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In the Beginning, God Created …

Isn’t it astounding that the first verb in the Bible is create. God created – he didn’t “blink” things into existence, or “poof” them into being – he thoughtfully, artistically created. He took a chaotic world, and ordered it with day and night, sky and sea, and then filled it with land animals, aquatic creatures and plant life. And you and I have beheld that handiwork – in fact, I’m looking at it out my window right now. It’s anything but drab. Lush greens with tinges of yellow on the bushes outside my office, a flowering tree dotted with white blossoms stands in the shadow of a towering evergreen. God created that. And far more than declaring that its function was good, I believe that in Genesis 1, God declares that His art, the aesthetic He created was good. God is an artist. A really good artist (perhaps that’s a smidge of an understatement). And he made humankind to reflect his creativity and artistry.

One of the first commands God gives his image bearer, Adam, is to name the animals (Gen. 2:19). That means, one of the first things Adam did with breath in his lungs was create. He had to observe, interpret, and then speak the names of the animals. Have you ever named something or someone? It’s fun, and difficult, and inherently creative.

God, the great artist of the cosmos, of the heavens and the earth, made little artists in creating you and me. Yes – even you who believes that you haven’t an artistic bone in your body – God created you too as an artist. It’s part of your nature, part of you being made in God’s image. Why? Because God loves and is glorified in beauty that points to the source of all that is beautiful. THAT is why God creates. Because He is beautiful, and His creation reflects, in glimmers and glints, aspects of that beauty.

The best art points at what is most beautiful – and as Christians, we know personally the source of all beauty. This means that when we make art to point at the Lord – paintings and poems, songs and speeches, dances and dramas, portraits and panoramas, cinema and collages, architecture and animation, pottery and puppetry, melody and mosaics – it is worship. God looks at it, beholds it, and says – “it is good.”

Church, over the next couple of months, as we jump into the New Testament and focus on the Sermon on the Mount, we want to inspire you to create as an expression of worship. Most often, the form of expression we use during our worship gatherings is through music and melody. But all forms of art are tools for glorifying God. Because of that, our plan is to make an art board at the back of the sanctuary to inspire the creativity of our people throughout the series. I’ll share more details this weekend – but the goal is to get many people involved in illustrating, painting, using digital media, photography, or written word to reflect Jesus’ sermon beautifully and artistically.

I am sincerely looking forward to creating and beholding good art with you over the coming months, church.

In His Mercy,

Pastor Ryan A.

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