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In the Wake of Orlando

Due to a weekend filled with nonstop graduation and church activities I have barely had time to process the tragedy that unfolded in Orlando early Sunday morning.  America has sadly become somewhat accustomed to senseless acts of terrorism on our home soil, but this episode is different.  Not only was it the highest death toll yet in a mass shooting but the attacker specifically chose to target homosexuals.

Our calling as Christians just got more difficult.  Our purpose in life is to invite people to know and follow Jesus.  But holding the biblical teaching that homosexuality is a sin, no matter how graciously we talk about it, will increasingly get us lumped in with people like Omar Mateen.  We can protest that our heart toward homosexuals is totally opposite, but our cry will often fall on deaf ears.

Is there any way we can effectively communicate our message?  Yes: A life characterized by tangible acts of love.  That was John Stonestreet’s message in his excellent Breakpoint article posted today and I found myself saying amen as I read it.  I encourage you to read it while you continually ask the question, “How can I bring the love of Christ to my community such that the
message of the gospel becomes almost impossible to disparage.”


Pastor Toby

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