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Increasing Our Seating AND Our Sending Capacity

“We shouldn’t measure a church by its seating capacity, but by its sending capacity.”  I’m not sure who came up with that statement, but I’ve heard it many times and I largely agree with it. The point is that the important measure of a church is their level of engagement in the mission Jesus gave us, not the size of the crowd gathering for worship services. However, I am excited to say that right now at Evergreen we are increasing both our seating and our sending capacity.

Seating Capacity: Every week more and more people are returning to in-person worship services and we are very excited about this! To accommodate the growing numbers, we moved the rows closer together last week and added more chairs. If EBC were an airline, we went from first-class seating to business class. In the near future I’m sure we will need to go to the ‘economy class’ spacing which was normal a year ago. But this is all very good because meeting together for worship is a foundational need given by our Creator. Even better, in our worship gatherings we have recently been spotlighting strategic opportunities to increase our sending capacity.

Sending Capacity: We have heard compelling reports from several missionaries over the last few weeks and it is our great hope that God will move our members to begin supporting one of these strategic mission ventures.

  • Bill and Naty Tully, serving with Global Outreach
    Serving in Romania where Bill pastors the International Church of Bucharest.
    Mission opportunity: Go to Global Outreach to join their prayer and/or financial support team.
  • Open Doors Letter Writing Ministry
    Ministering to persecuted believers worldwide by writing prayerful letters of encouragement.
    Mission opportunity: See the display in the foyer to get cards and instructions, or go to Open Doors for more information.
  • Skylar Stevens, serving with People International
    Unveiling the glory of God to Central Asian Muslims by establishing and empowering His church.
    Mission opportunity: Go to People International to join her prayer and/or financial support team (SS123).

May God continue to draw our family together to love and serve Jesus Christ!

Pastor Toby

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