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Islam – Part 3

Prepared and Presented by Stacy Walters, Youth Group Leader

  • Week 3 – Five Pillars of the Faith
    • These are different than the six doctrines that Muslims are required to live by.
    • They are:
      • Shahada (Faith) The statement of belief – This is the most fundamental expression of Islamic beliefs.  To become a Muslim, a person must publicly repeat the Shahadah, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the prophet of Allah.”
        • In order to be a Christian, we have to believe on the LORD Jesus Christ, not that Mohammed is a prophet and not that Allah is god.  Think John 3:16
      • Salah Prayer– Muslims must pray 5 times a day, at daybreak, noon, midafternoon, after sunset, and early evening. The Muslim must kneel and bow in the prescribed manner in the direction of the holy city, Mecca
        • We SHOULD pray to the LORD as it helps us grow in our relationship with Christ, but it is actually not a requirement for salvation/to be a Christian..
      • Zakat (Almsgiving) – Muslim law today requires the believer to give one-fortieth of his profit (2.5 percent). This offering goes to widows, orphans, the sick and other unfortunates.
        • Tithing/offering is important for many reasons, but once again, as a Christian it is not a requirement for salvation or to be a follower of Jesus.  If we give it should be a result of Jesus’ work in our hearts, not as an obligation to gain salvation or favor from God.
      • Sawm (Fasting) Ramadan- The 9th month of the Islamic lunar year is called Ramadan and is the highest of Muslim holy seasons. Muslims are required to fast for the entire month, Food and drink, as well as smoking and other pleasures, are forbidden, but only during daylight hours. During Ramadan, many Muslims eat two meals a day, the first just before sunrise and the other shortly after sunset. During Ramada, the believer must not commit any unworthy act. If he/she does, their fasting is meaningless.
        • We do not celebrate Ramadan as a holiday, nor is it a requirement to celebrate any holiday to be a Christian. The only requirement is simply to believe/profess that Jesus is LORD.
        • Matthew 6: 16-18 tells us that we are to fast in secret and not tell the world that we are doing it to show how “righteous” we are. Fasting is for God alone and no one else. We are to do it quietly and try not to let it show to anyone. 
      • Hajj (Pilgrimage) Pilgrimage to Mecca- This is called the Hajj and must be performed at least once in a Muslim’s lifetime.
        • We do not believe anyone has to make their way to Mecca, Israel, Bethlehem, etc.…. it is not a requirement as a follower of Jesus to make a trek anywhere, ever.  To be a Christian, the only requirement is to trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
    • Overall, there are no works that must be done in order to be a Christian, whereas there are works that must be done in order to be a Muslim.

*All info gathered from, So What’s the Difference? By Fritz Ridenour

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