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January 12, 2021

We are gathering together tomorrow night to start our new series on “Seeing Jesus.” That will be our goal for the next two months as we look at some of the stories in the gospels and pair that with watching The Chosen. If you know me even a little bit, you know that I really don’t like to put media in front of our students that’s subject to erroneous teaching. Having watched The Chosen, I can tell you that, while it’s not scripture and shouldn’t be viewed as such, it helps to give us a picture of the Jesus that we see in the scriptures (instead of the ‘Hollywood’ Jesus that we tend to see in films).

I’m really excited to start this next series, and I hope and pray that it’ll bring about good conversation both at youth group and at home.

IF YOU’D LIKE TO FOLLOW ALONG – You can download THE CHOSEN APP to your smartphone where you can watch the series as well. Perhaps it could be a way that you spend the time that your student is at youth group, and it would provide you with a good talking point to reference with them. The app is completely free, and while it suggests donations for watching the films, their goal is to get the films out to as many people as possible. You can view a little preview of the series here.

Looking forward to tomorrow evening.

With you and for you in Christ,

Ryan Aufenkamp

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