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January 3, 2019

Last night we had a really wonderful time together celebrating Christmas! The students made team “gingerbread” houses. They were only allowed to use one hand, so everything had to be done by teamwork. It was awesome! Then, we did our annual “Impenetrable Gift” game, as well as our White Elephant gift exchange. There was certainly a spirit of cheer among the students as we carried the Christmas festivities into the New Year!

Next Week we’ll be starting a season in which we’ll be shaking youth group up a little bit. For the next couple of months, we’ll try out a new format for our teaching time, splitting up the middle school and the high school groups. The middle school group will be working through a curriculum that seeks to give them a stronger biblical foundation. For the first three weeks, they’ll be working through some of the attributes of God, mainly His nearness to us, His justice and mercy, and His omnipotence in all things. The teaching times for the Middle Schoolers will primarily be led by Ryan Donovan, Ryan Westbrook, and Justin Best. The high school group will start doing more of an inductive study time together, studying through the book of 1 Peter together. The hope and intention is to get our high school students further into their own Bibles, learning how to read, study, and apply the scriptures.

We’re going to try this out for a time, as I believe that it will be a benefit to the group as a whole. With so many different ages, levels of understanding, and needs in the group, my hope is that we’ll be able to meet our students where they are at more effectively!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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