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Jesus Loves the Little Children

The birth of our sixth child has prompted some very interesting conversations. One comment I’ve heard several times now is “you know what causes that don’t you”? In case you’re wondering, yes, as a matter of fact I do. And in case you’re wondering, this comment really doesn’t bother me, because each time it’s been said playfully and lovingly.

And while these types of comments are typically said in jest, I wonder if they are indicative of how many Christians view children? I wonder if they are often viewed as a blessing or as a burden? As an opportunity or as a missed opportunity (to enjoy life)? But more importantly, I wonder if we wonder how God views children?

I’ve had a first row seat to the spectacle of how life can go from living fully dependently in my amazing wife’s womb, to being born and having survival instincts immediately kick in, to growing and maturing into people who will one day not need us (sad thought for this daddy!). Other than spiritual transformation, I can’t think of a process in this world that is more amazing and beautiful and miraculous, nor can I think of a process that better speaks to the glory, creativity, and handiwork of our great God!

When I stop to think about it, I’m amazed that God would invite any of us to experience with another person the type of relationship that He has with us as our Father. My understanding of what my relationship with my heavenly Father should be like has grown exponentially since becoming a parent. If you are a parent, I would imagine the same is true for you as well.

A few weeks ago, I was amazed that God would give us yet another blessing to love and disciple, to be loved by and sanctified through. Yesterday, we could hardly believe that our first blessing (our 9 y/o) could already be old enough to set off on a week of summer camp. This morning, as I surveyed the church sanctuary, I couldn’t help but smile at all the beautiful blessings from God at VBS this year.

It’s obvious when we really stop to think about it, God doesn’t want His people thinking of children as anything less than blessings. He created them, loves them, and died for them. If we look at the Gospels, we can see that Jesus was upset when his disciples saw them as “getting in the way”, and instead told them to bring the children to Him (see Mark 10:13-16). May we see children the way God does and may God use our efforts at VBS this week to bring many of these children to Jesus!

Pastor Matt

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