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Jesus the Good and Gracious Intruder

Growing up, my family often had a number of beehives we would raise with the purpose of harvesting honey and pollinating our garden. I have many fond memories learning the basics of beekeeping. One of the most vivid memories I have, other than the taste of fresh honey, is sensing the power of swarming bees around their hive. Whether it was to feed the bees or harvest honey, the further I would intrude on the hive the more powerful and violent the swarming bees would get. There were summer days where the buzz of an active hive would almost feel deafening. Perhaps some of you have experienced this in an unwanted way when unintentionally disrupting a hive or nest but not knowing until you hear the increasing and terrifying buzz around you.

You could here the buzz when Jesus entered Jerusalem beginning on Palm Sunday. His non-native presence did not settle comfortably which is evident in the people’s response. Jesus entered challenging the arrogance, idolatry, and sin of His people, and His bold approach forced every person to make a decision for how they would receive their King. It began with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem where the crowds proclaimed Him to be their Messiah and King (Mark 11:8-10). It continued to Jesus’ authority being questioned (Matt 21:23), being betrayed by a close friend (Matt 26:14-16), mocked (Mark 15:17-20), beaten (John 19:1-3), and ultimately crucified (Mark 15:37-39). Unlike a wise beekeeper, Jesus did not use His divine ability to suit up against the lash back he would receive when entering Jerusalem. Instead, because of His unconditional love and grace, He embraced the sting and hatred that ultimately led to an excruciating death to redeem a people lost in sin.

Just like the Jews and Romans in Jerusalem in the first century, we also are forced to choose how we will receive Jesus. Despite the various responses toward Jesus the week leading to His death, one constant remained: everyone acknowledged Him as King in one way or another. The week began with the crowds proclaiming Him as their Messiah and King, and it ended with Him being mocked and beaten as the “King of the Jews.” For us this Easter, simply acknowledging Jesus as King is not enough. We can say one thing with our words, yet our hearts can be far from Christ. The manner and attitude of our worship ultimately reveal our true intentions, and as King over our lives, Jesus deserves our everything! We can either choose to (1) fully invite Christ to do the uncomfortable work of conviction in every area of our lives, (2) be passive and ignore Christ, or (3) actively oppose Him. In my experience, I think it is a huge temptation for the church to become comfortable and passive in the way we follow the Lord without fully submitting ourselves to Him. Following Jesus should cost us everything! We need the constant reminder of the greatness of His sacrifice and victory over sin and death.

As one practical way of preparing our hearts for this Easter, join us this Friday at 7pm as we corporately confess our sin to the Lord and praise Him for the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.

Jacob Abrahamson
Youth Pastor

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