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July 13, 2023

Youth group this week included a get-to-know you game, a giant game of human foosball, and discussion groups as we continued our series through the Psalms. The past couple of weeks we have been using mixed discussion groups as a way to study the psalms together. My goal is to not just teach our students biblical truth but to also help them understand how they can study the Bible for themselves. The purpose of the summer series has been to help our students get practice in studying simple Bible passages, seeing how it connects to the rest of scripture, and to have accessible resources to help them read their bibles on their own.

We took an in depth look at Psalm 102 in book 4 of the Psalms. The purpose of the psalm is to lead God’s people to respond to the Lord from a place of hardship and suffering. This signals a progression of worship for God’s people since book 3’s theme was around the time of the Exile. Psalm 102 provides a great contrast between God and His creation. The author explains that everything in this world will fade away, but God is eternal. We spent some time comparing God to the most beautiful and powerful parts of creation to help us see that God is so much better!

Jacob Abrahamson
Youth Pastor

Categories: Youth - Psalms (Summer 2023), Youth Night Updates