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July 18, 2019

Last night marked the end of our regular youth group meetings for the Summer. With VBS next week, and then the Peru Trip (with 11 of our students), we’ll be taking a break from youth group for the remainder of the Summer. That being said, please continue checking your email for periodic updates/announcements of informal events that could take place.

Last night we spent some time playing a game of Sardines (a super fun, reverse hide-and-go-seek game), spent time in worship, and then talked through Colossians 3:1-4. After breaking up into groups to study the surrounding context, and to look a little more in depth at the text, we spent our time talking about what it looks like to seek/set our minds on the things that are “above,” where Christ is seated. The world often distracts us from what’s important with many different earthly things that flare up in our faces. Paul knows this, and encourages us to let our minds mediate on Christ, and on things that have eternal value so that what we see would change… that the things of this Earth would not entice us to follow them, but that we would instead be so enthralled with Christ that we see the world differently. To illustrate this, I showed a Francis Chan illustration that really hit the nail on the head in helping us to flip our perspective. The Link is Here if you’d like to watch.

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