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July 20, 2023

Last night marked our last Wednesday night youth group until the school year begins this fall. It was a little sad to think that I won’t be seeing all our students in the same context every week this next month, but we still have a lot to look forward to with VBS and other events in August. My hope is that this short break will prepare everyone to have a strong start as we enter the school year!

This week we wrapped up our study on the Psalms by doing an overview of the entire book and taking a closer look at the structure of book 5 in the Psalms. We have learned this summer that proper worship needs to be a response to what God has done for us. This means that our songs and prayers should mirror elements of the gospel (good news) of what God has done for us through Christ. This is exactly what we see in the structure of the Psalms, and I wanted our youth to catch a vision for how incredible God’s redemption is and how that should lead us to respond with joy and hope!

We spent the second half of youth group responding to the Lord with songs as we prepared VBS songs that will be led by many of our students next week. Pastor Toby joined us to lead the VBS songs and Anna Chalker shared a vision for the role our middle school and high school students will have in leading VBS through worship. I thought this was a special way to practically end our study in the Psalms.

Jacob Abrahamson
Youth Pastor

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