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July 28, 2020

Tomorrow evening’s youth group will be a little different, as it’s just a Middle school gathering that will be meeting at the church for a Nerf Night.

We will be meeting during normal youth group hours – 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Students are welcome to bring their own nerf blasters if they would like. I’ll be going through and sanitizing the nerf blasters that we have at the church, and making some rules about the need to not share Nerf blasters during the night so as to avoid multiple people touching the same thing. Sadly, we’ll still need to be indoors (so we don’t lose a ton of nerf bullets), which means that face masks will be required. Throughout the evening, I’ll be making the group take breaks to catch their breath outside so they’ll have a chance to pull their masks off.

Regardless, tomorrow should be a really fun night for the Middle School students. I am looking forward to seeing them all!

Ryan Aufenkamp

Categories: COVID-19 Isolation Time, Youth Night Updates