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June 16, 2020

Hi Youth Group Parents, Families, and Staff,

Student Devos:


We’ll be meeting at the church tomorrow night for another IN PERSON gathering of the youth group! All of the same social distancing/mask protocols are still in effect, so we’ll be making sure to do our best to continue honoring them.

Tomorrow night will look similar to last week. We’ll spend some time playing some socially distant games, worshipping, and then spend some time in God’s Word together – both in large group, and in our small groups.

Next week we’re going to do our annual “School’s Out Scream.” We’ll be inviting the incoming 6th graders to join us, and we’ll interview our Seniors to see what wisdom they have to share with the rest of our group. We’ll be serving hot dogs that night, so please have your students come hungry! (Of course, we’ll be doing so with the proper protections in place)

Looking forward to joining with your students once again tomorrow evening!

With you and for you in Christ,

Ryan Aufenkamp

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