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June 20, 2019

Last night we spent some time enjoying the nice weather, and then we spent time worshipping the Lord together. I called last night “senior night” because we had our seniors come and share with the group some encouragements (and we celebrated them, too)! We only had two of our seniors that were able to make it last night, but I was really grateful for what they had to say. I had prepared some questions to ask them, such as “how did you maintain your faith in high school?” and “how have you changed most over the past four years?” The answers that came out of these two ladies were awesome! They encouraged the youth group to have fellowship with fellow christians, to step out of their comfort zones, to turn to their parents as sounding boards and examples, and to maintain a commitment to church and youth group. We broke up into small groups to end the night, and it was good to reflect on the year and talk about the nuggets of truth that our two senior ladies had shared with us.

Next Week we’ll be meeting at EBC at 6:30, and venturing down to Marrion Elementary school to play Ultimate Frisbee and other games (We will not be going to David Douglas Park as the calendar says). Please note that you’re welcome to drop your students off at Marion, as I’ll be there setting up! Looking forward to it!

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