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June 22, 2020


This Wednesday night we’ll be having a little celebration during youth group to celebrate the end of the school year!!! It’s been an arduous year for the students (and probably for you too). We’ll enjoy some food together too – hotdogs and chips! Please have your students come hungry. 🙂 We’ll make sure to serve all of the students in such a way that we limit exposure.

We’ll also be inviting our upcoming 6th graders! It’ll be a really fun night together!

We’ll still be requesting that the students bring face coverings so that we’re staying consistent with following the governors orders, and we’ll still be doing our very best to social distance. But regardless, meeting in person is SO MUCH better than Zoom youth group.

Summer Plans – TBD

As far as Summer goes, I’m still waiting to make any firm plans on what we’ll be doing. I know that things like Summer camps, and other activities have already been canceled, which means that your kiddos are going to be stuck at home more than they’re used to this Summer. From that perspective, I would love to do a whole host of things! That being said – Emily is due in about TWO WEEKS, meaning that our plans are all up in the air depending on her labour, ect. Between that, and not knowing what sort of restrictions we’ll be following in the coming weeks, I’ll simply ask that you stay tuned for updates about what the Summer will look like for youth ministry. Thanks, everyone!

Student Devos:


With you and for you in Christ,

Ryan Aufenkamp

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