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June 28, 2023

This week at youth group we studied Psalm 72 which is the last psalm in book 2 of the Psalms. Some of the themes present in book 2 are thirsting for communion with God, seeking rescue from God’s enemies, and dealing with and confessing sin. Psalm 72 holds onto the promise the Lord made with King David that the future Messiah would fully satisfy His people and ultimately deliver them from the sin and evil in this world.
We spent some time looking at how Jesus is the answer to these problems that are addressed in book 2, and we had two main takeaways at the end of the lesson:

  1. Just like we saw in Psalm 1-2, the only way we can experience blessing and fulfillment in life is by finding refuge in Jesus and knowing Him in His Word!
  2. Jesus saves us from our sin not because of anything we can do but because of what God has done for us!

Jacob Abrahamson
Youth Pastor

Categories: Youth - Psalms (Summer 2023), Youth Night Updates