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June 3, 2021

Last night we continued on in our journey through the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus teaches us how to be True Disciples. We looked at Matthew 7:1-6 in which Jesus teaches about the topic of Judging, saying that before pointing out the speck in someone else’s’ eyes, we’ve first got to take a good look at the log in our own. We reiterated that Jesus isn’t saying that we should “let you do you,” or saying that we should never cast judgement/point out sin in other people. That’s actually a LOVING thing to do. But it’s only loving if it comes from someone who actually seeks to root out sin in their own lives, and out of a heart of humility.

We used the illustration of a doctor, who trains and trains in order to be able to make accurate judgements on their patients. We would never trust a doctor with fake credentials. Doctors with fake credentials might mislead us and lead us toward death. Rather, we trust doctors who have gone through the process of learning, and self introspection. It’s the same for Christians. We are going to best served by brothers and sisters pointing out sin that have themselves studied themselves and their own sinful tendencies before speaking of others.

It was a good night of reflecting on Jesus’ word together.

Looking forward to joining with the students again next week for our last night in The Sermon on the Mount.

With you and for you in Christ

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