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Maintaining Community in the Midst of Coronavirus

News outlets constantly keep us informed of the many major troubles ravaging our world – wars, natural disasters, economic crisis and the like. But it is easy to become numb to the alerts since most of them do not impact our day-to-day lives in any observable way. However, that is not the case with the top story these days, which of course is coronavirus.

It is always difficult to forecast things like this, but all indications are that the issue of contagion is going to be around for a while. While concern for spreading germs is not new, the level of concern and risk are uniquely high, and expect it to remain so for many months.

The Leadership Team has discussed how the coronavirus outbreak should impact our ministry. We have concluded that at the present time we will seek to communicate and implement the following precautions:

1. Remember Christ is on the throne, and we should be on our knees.
2. Substitute elbow taps for handshakes or hugs.
3. Don’t touch babies (unless it’s your baby).
4. Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face.
5. Use hand sanitizer.
6. Stay home if you or a family member is sick.
7. Send a note of encouragement to those unable to come to church.

Most of these are common sense that apply all the time. The only one that will really be challenging is refraining from handshakes and hugs, since they are so automatic for many people. But we have to remember that goal is love, and seeking to guard the health of our family, especially our most vulnerable members, is a very loving thing to do.

Thank you for helping us as we seek to maintain loving community in these extraordinary times.

Pastor Toby

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