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March 10, 2022

Last night we looked at Proverbs 6:6-11. In that passage Solomon tells us we should be like the ant. We talked about how our work life, along with our spiritual life should reflect that of hard work like the ant. Regarding our spiritual life, hard work is not for salvation purposes, rather it is because we love God so much for what He has done for us. Regarding work life, I posed a challenge to the students. The students who have jobs, I challenged them to do a task that is outside of their normal job description. The students who do not have jobs, I challenged them to help mom or dad out with a task around the house, without being asked.

We finished the evening in small groups where the conversation continued on what our lives currently look like and how we can improve our lives to reflect the ant.


During our apologetic spotlight, Brian Jones talked about the lack of evidence regarding archaeology in the Mormon faith. He concluded by reminding us how reliable the Bible is and showing us how much archaeological evidence there is regarding the Bible.

You can find all the apologetic spotlights here.

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