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March 29, 2018

To briefly recap our time at youth group last night, we spent our time deviating a little bit from our norm to talk about Christian Missions, and more specifically, how our youth group could get involved in missions. We started by discussing missions, and pointing out that it’s a central part of the Christian life, and as Christians, we desire for missions to happen and to pursue missions ourselves, but also acknowledged that much of the time, we don’t know how to live that desire out.

We looked specifically at Ephesians 3:7-10, in which Paul lays out his mindset as a missionary to the Gentiles – mainly that the gospel is an extraordinary grace that is intended for all peoples so that God’s would be glorified, even by the angels who are currently witnessing the mystery of the gospel unfold as the church is built. We didn’t spend long here… but in summary, at the root of missions is an understanding that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most magnificent that will ever reach our ears and penetrate our hearts, and that because of it’s magnificence, we desire that all peoples would hear it and know it’s power to redeem.

Specifically for the youth, there are two ways to get involved right now:
1.) Helping at the missions auction on April 20th, and even auctioning themselves to raise money for the missions God is doing through EBC.
2.) Considering being a part of the youth missions team to Peru in the Summer of 2019.

We spent the remainder of the night filming a little promo montage for the missions auction, specifically highlighting the unique skillsets of the youth (in a rather silly way). It was a good way to translate the message of missions into something that we actually physically did last night. I pray that it got the kids excited to serve and to be a part of the missions of our church.

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