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March 31, 2022

Last night we covered Proverb’s 22:24-25 where it talks about not becoming friends with a wrathful person. We talked about how we should still minister to those who struggle with wrath, but that should not be where we spend most of our time.

As we talked about those wrathful friends, there were students who were thinking that they were that wrathful friend, so we turned to Ephesians 4:26 where Paul tells us to be angry. This does not contradict the Proverb because It is okay to feel angry; however, we are called not to sin when we feel that anger.

We ended the evening in small groups where we talked about different ways we can deal with our anger, such as talking about what caused our anger before the sun goes down. Although it often can be awkward and uncomfortable to address the situation that caused us to be angry, it is important to do so.

Your student was sent home a half sheet of paper called, Live It Out. There are three questions on there where you can engage with your student about items we talked about at youth group. They will bring this home each week. It is a great way to dive into scripture with your student and to keep up with what we are learning at youth group!


We are taking a break from the Apologetic Spotlight this week. It will resume April 13th which is the Wednesday after Spring Break. In place of the spotlight, we had students and leaders come up front and pray for our world, nation, and body at EBC.

You can find all the apologetic spotlights here.

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