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March 7, 2019

Middle School:
This week, the group began a 3-week lesson that’s focused on exploring the book of Romans. As you know, Romans is awesome and packed with theological truths that are complex and, at times, hard to fully grasp. But, by taking some small bites over the next couple of weeks, I’m hopeful that the students will have some impactful things to chew on. Last night in particular, the group discussed the gospel – in other words, the good news of Jesus Christ. Now, for many of the students, this isn’t new information, but it is so incredibly important to understand and be able to articulate! I would encourage you to ask these questions over the week as you seek to engage your teen with what we’ve been talking about at youth group:

  • What exactly makes the message of Jesus such good news?
  • Faith is a word we hear a lot at church. But what exactly is faith? What does it look like?
  • How has Jesus been “good” in your life as you’ve followed him?

High School
The group studied 1 Peter 3:1-6 last night, as Peter shifts from addressing Christian submission under emperors and employers, to what Christian submission looks like in marriage. Verses 1-6 focus on a wife, particularly relating to a wife that has an unbelieving husband. We had a lively discussion about how a wife’s submission to the husband does not mean that she “leaves her brain at the alter,” or does anything and everything that the husband asks. On the contrary, a wife that has hope in God is to act in fear of the Lord, which means pointing the husband to Christ by her actions, words, and deeds. Peter uses the example of Sarah, Abrahams wife, to clue readers into the fact that a Godly wife lives within their God given role, as this is pleasing to the Lord. All in all, Peter wants wives to honor God as their Lord, and in submission to God, they are called to submit to a husband (that is, if they get married).

I wasn’t sure how the high schoolers were going to talk about some of these issues, especially since none of them can relate. But we had some awesome and lively discussion about the difference between Peter’s teaching and the worldly view of marriage. Especially in the age of feminism, some of these teachings are hard. I was really impressed and grateful for their wisdom and maturity.

Next week, the HS’ers will focus on Husbands (1 Peter 3:7), and the MS’ers will focus on being a friend of God (Romans 5:1-11). Looking forward to seeing your teens next Wednesday!

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