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March 8, 2018

Just a quick review of youth group last night, as it was Review and Game night. We started with a review game using the website Kahoot. It ended up working really well, as teams of 4 or 5 worked together to answer multiple choice questions to earn points using their phone (or a leaders phone). As always, I’m impressed and excited by what the students are retaining through our studies in scripture. We then broke up into three teams and had a couple of different stations that the students rotated through to earn points. Throughout the night, each team competed to put fruit back together using toothpicks and tape, work together to cross a pit of fiery lava (no one was hurt in the process), and make their way through a “laser beam” maze. It was good fun for the group.

Next Wednesday we’ll jump back into the book of Ephesians together!

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