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May 13, 2021

Last night we continued our time in the scriptures where we looked at Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6 about the topic of prayer. Jesus is helping his audience to see that He doesn’t care about theatrical righteousness, that is, righteousness that’s only done for show. Instead, God’s cares about the hearts of His disciples being for Himself.

Jesus relates this to our prayer lives, teaching that we ought not “heap up empty phrases,” or pray for the praise of man. Rather, God cares that we pray in secret, that our prayers would be directed to Him wholly. The reason is because prayer is a way that interact with God – in fact, it’s VITAL to our relationship with Him.

We spent some time really talking about the necessity of prayer in our lives. Furthermore, prayer causes us to be still, and to meditate on the voice of the Lord, to LISTEN to Him. That’s something we often don’t do because we’re so distracted with our technology and our busy lives.

That said, in small groups, we focused ourselves on God, and spent time both writing out the Lords prayer in our own language, and praying the Lords prayer as a group. It was a good night, with good and convicting reminders from the scriptures. Next week we’ll be looking at what Jesus says about the topics of Anxiety and Asking.

With you and for you in Christ.

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