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May 17, 2019

Middle School:
This week, the middle school crew continued talking about spiritual gifts, this week focusing on how to develop our spiritual giftings. Ryan Donovan led the group through 1 Peter 4:10-11, which talks about using our spiritual gifts to serve one another! That’s why we’re given giftings, and that’s why we want to develop them and use them. As the students talked more about spiritual giftings, they talked about what it looks like to step out in faith with our spiritual giftings, to “take risks” if you will. Ultimately, seeking to develop the gifts that God has given us in an act of following Christ, and giving Him glory. Just like in the parable of the talents, we want our master (Jesus) to come back and be pleased that we used what He gave to us! It’s another way that we honor Him as King! Here are few questions that you can ask your students in follow up:

  • What “risks” can you take to help develop your spiritual gift?
  • How can you seek feedback on your spiritual gifts? Who can you talk to this week to help you discover and develop your giftings?

High School:
The High School crew spent their study time diving back into 1 Peter, this week focusing on chapter 4:12-19. Peter is addressing an audience of Christians who are facing many different forms of persecution, and in this section of the text, he encourages believers that the “fiery” trials that they are facing are not meaningless! He explains that we should rejoice to share in the sufferings of Christ. We spent some time looking at the many examples in Acts in which the disciples rejoiced in their suffering, Paul and Silas going as far as to worship whilst in shackles and in prison (Acts 16). Peter wants his audience to know that God is the faithful creator (v.19) and He’s more than capable of taking our burdens, so that we may continue to do good.

We talked about the fact that, as Americans, we don’t relate very well to the types of trial and persecution that Peter speaks of. But in application, we spoke of instances in which others may try to shame us for our belief in Jesus… and what our proper response should be. Ultimately, we know that the testing of our faith is so that we would be refined, that our faith should be more precious that silver or gold (1 Peter 1:6-7).

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