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McMartin’s Latest Blog

zeekIt’s a quiet day today in the office of EBC, with Pastor Toby out of the office at the IFCA conference this week in Stevenson, and Pastor Matt out of the office after having added their new baby boy Ezekiel to their family last Friday.

Today, please take time to catch up on the latest blog from Joel and Andi McMartin, written by Andi just yesterday, after her recent trip to a village on the southern border of Senegal, where it was [imagine it!] 117 degrees!  Andi’s blog posts are always short, informative, with lots of pictures to make them fun to look at and read.  In this post, she talks about how each village is unique, and how precious each of the people there are, and how much in need they are of God’s truth.  She was reminded that though they may seem to be such a small insignificant group in our eyes, God sees them differently.  She was also reminded of the need to not overlook a small group of believers, but to look at how they can work alongside them to see God’s truth continue forward.  At the end of her blog post, she also specifically asks prayer for Joel:  “Pray as well for Joel who is still traveling for another week.  He crossed the Ivory Coast and Liberia border yesterday for the last leg of his trip, but I could tell from his voice that he was starting to feel the tiredness of the journey.”  Please read more and follow the McMartins’ blog here.

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