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Go into all the world and preach the gospel . . . Mark 16:15

Evergreen is currently partnering with 19 full-time missionaries serving Jesus in various places in the world, from local, to national and international. We continue to pray that God will raise up others who will join their ranks. Additionally, it is our hope that every person at Evergreen will participate in at least one short-term mission trip.


At Evergreen we are mindful of the instruction of Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 to make disciples both in our local communities and in foreign lands.  Our missions team works to insure we are fulfilling this Great Commission.

At this time, EBC provides financial and prayer support to 19 missionaries who are spreading the gospel in other parts of America and across the world, and hosts others on a short-term basis.

We strive to annually increase support of our missionaries as we are able to, and consider taking on new ones as the Lord leads.  Our missionaries:

Berlin Family, Ripe for Harvest, Bangladesh
Katherine Church, Wycliffe/Retired Vancouver, WA
Wanda Davies, Wycliffe BC, Canada
Duane & Jodi Decker, China Outreach Ministries Portland State University
Roger Derpilus and three other Haitian Missionaries to Senegal, Haitian Leadership Development, Senegal
Tracy & Leng Halstead, CEF Clark County
Bruce & Cindy McMartin, CrossWorld, Senegal
Joel & Andi McMartin, Ethnos 360, Senegal
Ollie & Mia O’Brien, Youth Dynamics, Stonewater Camp, Washington
Skylar Stevens, People International, Central Asia
Roy & Elvia Sprague, NICE/Minister at Large, Lacey, Washington
Matt & Angela Strawn, CEF Clark County
Johny & Rosadite Philippe, Haitian Leadership Development, Haiti
Simerson Family, e3Partners, Southeast Asia
Levi Williams, Youth Dynamics, Stonewater Camp, Washington
Wood Family, iTEE Global
Peter & Lakshmi Amalraj, Gospelink, India
Chhaiva Em, Gospelink, Cambodia
Path Forward Project, Kids Alive, Peru