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Gospel Witness involves reaching out to people in our community with two arms:  The personal arm (life on life relationships) and the corporate arm (church in community involvement).

Gospel Witness involves Outreach and Evangelism.  The Great Command to outreach is visual (seeing the gospel demonstrated in our deeds), and the Great Commission to evangelism is verbal (hearing the Gospel declared in our words).

Our lives provide a visible context for the verbal content of the Gospel.  When these two activities are consistent in our lives we provide a cohesive witness to the world since they are simultaneously hearing what we are saying and seeing how we are living as a result of the gospel’s impact on us.

Therefore, our goal is to be witnesses of Christ who are equally passionate about outreach and evangelism believing when the Great Command and the Great Commission are brought together in our lives we paint the clearest picture of who God is and how the gospel transforms people.

We are in the process of formulating a plan as to how EBC can best serve Open House Ministries, located here in Vancouver. Katie shared at an EBC weekend spotlight. You can hear her story here.

Marrion is our local elementary school, located just over a mile and less than 5 minutes down the road from EBC. We have chosen to partner with them in various ways, including hosting their back to school barbecue every year, providing breakfast for the staff at the beginning of the school year, providing Thanksgiving and Christmas food and gift boxes for several families who need them, working with kids at the school through their Reading Buddy and Lunch Buddy programs, and participating in the local Teach One to Lead One program every week throughout the school year.



Evergreen is currently partnering with 16 missionaries serving Jesus in various places in the world, from local, to national and international.  We continue to pray that God will raise up others who will join their ranks.  Additionally, it is our hope that every person at Evergreen will participate in at least one short-term mission trip.


At times, some of our ministries require a background check be completed.  All information will remain confidential and this screening is done at no cost to you.  You  may request a copy of the screening.

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