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Youth Ministry




Pastor Ryan’s Youth Updates


Wednesday, June 10, we had our first physical youth group gathering together since the month of March! Because Clark County has moved into Phase 2 of the State Reopening plan, we are allowed to open the building up for gatherings of 50 people (which encompasses our youth group). So, we’ll gather together, play some socially distanced games, spend some time singing together, open God’s Word together, and then spend some time catching up with one another. Of course, we’ll have to do some things differently as well in order to make sure we stay safe. Below are the following precautions that we’ll be taking:

  • Everyone in attendance will be required to wear a mask during youth group (I know, this stinks, but we’re doing our very best to obey our governing authorities)
  • We will maintain, as best we can, physical distancing of 6 feet
  • We will encourage students to use hand sanitizer when coming into the building, after sneezing, etc.

Our time together will probably feel a little bit different than normal, but we’ll get to be together in person, which I believe is incredibly important.

Here are our plans for the remainder of the weeks in July. Further details will be available in the coming weeks. Incoming 6th graders are welcome to attend throughout the Summer!

  • Wednesday, July 8th – Movie Night – Pilgrim’s Progress (new, animated version). 6:30pm
  • Wednesday, July 15th – Movie Night – Ben Hur (2016 version). This movie is PG-13 for some action sequences. But it is a great movie about forgiveness! Some parents might choose to keep their younger kids home during this week if sensitive to movies with action. 6:30pm
  • Wednesday, July 22nd – HS Hang night @ the Westbrooks fire pit. 7-9pm
  • Wednesday, July 29th – Middle School Hang at the church. 6:30pm
  • August –  No set plans as of now. The hope is to do some smaller outings with students, etc. depending on COVID restrictions.

Wednesday Evening Youth Group Studies Grades 6-12


We at times are looking for volunteers to serve with our youth, but to do so you must be a regular attender of EBC for at least six months, and we also ask everyone to have a background check performed.  All information will remain confidential and this screening is done at no cost to you.  You  may request a copy of the screening.

By submitting your information here you are authorizing Evergreen Bible Church to perform a background check.


To see teens commit to following Jesus Christ and serving Him in His Church for the rest of their lives.

We invite teens to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection. First, to respond by accepting the free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus. And second, to respond in obedience to Jesus out of gratitude for His great love, shown most powerfully through His death and resurrection.

Teaching the Bible
We are committed to teach from the Bible. Most often, we teach through books or sections of the Bible. This provides opportunities to grow biblical competency among students and instruct them in the whole counsel of God’s Word. We believe the entirety of Scripture is very relevant to the lives of teenagers, so we seek to teach the Bible in ways that are Scripturally accurate and personally relevant to their lives.

Shepherding Relationships
We believe teens need maturing Christian adults in their lives who can help point them to Jesus and can help them walk through the various challenges they face in our modern world. We make sure every student who attends regularly is linked up in a relationship with one or more maturing Christian adults, who is committed to investing his or her life into the life of that teenager.

Connectedness to the Whole Church Body
We want students to graduate from high school but not graduate from the church. For that reason, we are committed to making sure teens learn how to participate as an integrated member of a church body, so that when they complete their time in the Youth Ministry, they don’t feel like they’ve lost their connection to the church. Our hope is to see teens learning to worship the Lord and be instructed in His Word through regular participation in the congregational worship services.

What It Looks Like

Wednesday Night Youth Group – 6:30-8:30
Every week we have a time of teaching in God’s Word and a chance to discuss His Word and their lives with adults in a small group. We play games together and spend time in worship through music. We endeavor for this to be a fun and social night as well as a chance for students to grow in their faith in Christ. Most weeks Middle School and High School function separately, but we do also gather the whole group together for worship, as well as occasionally for teaching.

High School Retreats
The Winter Retreat provides a chance for students to deepen relationships with one another and with the adult volunteers, and to spend some focused time hearing from God through teaching and personal Bible study time. Traditionally, we rent a large house and spend a three-day weekend living together, playing around on the beach or by doing any number of other fun activities.

Middle School Overnighter
This generally happens in May.