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Youth Ministry





Jacob Abrahamson, Youth Pastor


Youth Group Grades 6-12 (6:30PM @ EBC)


High School Youth Retreat (May 24-27, 2024)

Every parent needs to fill out the year-long permission form which will cover your students for the year (September through August) for each youth group activity.


We at times are looking for volunteers to serve with our youth, but to do so you must be a regular attender of EBC for at least six months, and we also ask everyone to have a background check performed.  All information will remain confidential and this screening is done at no cost to you.  You  may request a copy of the screening.

By submitting your information here you are authorizing Evergreen Bible Church to perform a background check.


The teenage years are a critical time for the development of habits and belief systems in one’s life. Students are continuously receiving messages from our culture that do not align with the truth of the gospel, and we believe it is essential that we intentionally walk alongside our students to point them to truth. Our goal is to reach the next generation by making disciples of Jesus Christ who become lifelong committed members of the local church.


Biblical Teaching—We believe that the bible is the inspired Word of God intended to guide us to a saving knowledge of Christ. Therefore, we are committed to teaching our youth directly from scripture and equipping them to effectively study the Bible for themselves.

Fellowship—We believe it is important for our students to experience Christ-centered community with other teens. We strive to create safe spaces where our students can have fun, encourage, and sharpen one another.

Mentorship—We believe teens need maturing Christian adults in their lives who can help point them to Jesus while navigating the various challenges they face. We make sure every student who attends regularly is linked up in a relationship with one or more maturing Christian adults who is committed to investing their life into the life of that teenager.

Worship—We do not want our students to be just filled with head knowledge, but we want their knowledge of Christ to lead to a response of worship to the Lord. We want them to recognize that a lifestyle of worship can be practiced in all areas of their life including music and art.

Mission—In many ways, the youth ministry calendar represents the values and mission of the youth group. We aim to provide regular opportunities for youth to use their gifts to build up the church body and to share the gospel message with those who do not know Him.


Wednesday Night Youth Group – 6:30-8:30
Every week we have a time of teaching in God’s Word and a chance to discuss His Word and their lives with adults in a small group. We play games together and spend time in worship through music. We endeavor for this to be a fun and social night as well as a chance for students to grow in their faith in Christ. Most weeks Middle School and High School function separately, but we do also gather the whole group together for worship, as well as occasionally for teaching.

Wednesday Afternoon Study Sesh from 3:30-6:30 during the school year and Non-Study Sesh during June and July from 5:00-6:30.

High School Retreats
The Spring Retreat provides a chance for students to deepen relationships with one another and with the adult volunteers, and to spend some focused time hearing from God through teaching and personal Bible study time. Traditionally, we rent a camp or a retreat center and spend a three-day weekend living together, playing around and doing any number of other fun activities.

Middle School Overnighter
This generally happens in May.

High School Hang
These happen once a month on Friday nights.

Middle School Guys Late Night and Middle School Gals Late Night
These are scheduled occasionally.