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My Benediction

It is so hot today even my hours have evaporated.  The time for me to head home is near and I’m just starting today’s post for the Connection.  Several ideas that would require more time will have to wait.  Instead, I will repeat the blessing that came to me as we were singing the last song at the early Sunday service.

Keep your mind sharp.  Incorporating worldly ideas into our thinking is inevitable unless we are regularly comparing our convictions with the straight edge of God’s Word.  Even worse, we will naturally share those empty ideas with others as good sound biblical advice.  A recent article title from the Babylon Bee captures it well: “Bible Study Leader Asks If Anyone Else Has Any Blatant Heresy They’d Like To Share.”

Keep your heart soft.  Without it, we fall into quarreling, and others become merely opponents to beat or even enemies to lampoon.  If our hearts are not soft, we will shred wrong ideas and their owners without mercy, thereby driving them even further from the gospel.  We must have soft hearts lest we inoculate unbelievers from the truth.

And keep your Bible open.  “Rightly dividing the word of truth” begins with actually opening it.  There are a hundred reasons not to at any given moment.  But our only hope for being a worker who does not need to be ashamed is keeping the Bible constantly before us.


Pastor Toby

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