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My Goal for the Men’s Retreat

The men’s retreat is less than two weeks away and I am more excited for it than I think I have ever been. Here are some of the leading reasons why.

  • New Location: After many great years at one beautiful location, I am excited to enjoy a new place. From what I have heard, Black Lake Bible Camp has a lot of features we are going to really love, including…
  • Axe Throwing: Being a firewood guy, I spend a fair amount of time swinging an axe. I don’t usually think about throwing them, but I gotta be honest, it sounds like fun! There are a bunch of other activities I’m keen to try such as disc golf and mini golf, but perhaps the most compelling feature of this retreat center is…
  • Three to a Room: I love all my brothers, but sleeping in a room with 20 other guys is a recipe for no sleep. Three to a room, with each room having its own bathroom sounds much more manageable.
  • Old Friends: Our old friend, Pastor Matt Daniells, is now the lead pastor of Keyport Bible Church, and he will be bringing nearly a dozen guys with him to this joint retreat.
  • All Three Days: I’m excited I get to attend the whole retreat, rather than leaving in the middle to go lead the services back at Evergreen. One reason I get to be there for all three days is…
  • I’m Speaking: Yes, I fully admit that getting to bring the messages is a big reason I am excited about the retreat. I have been looking at Scriptures which have been absolutely lighting my soul on fire and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been seeing.

I am looking forward to hanging out with all the guys, enjoying great food and having fun. But my primary goal for this retreat is very simple: I want the men who attend to live and not die. I know that may sound overly dramatic, but I promise I am not trying to be sensational. I observe every day what the Scriptures describe as a battle for the hearts of men (and women, of course) which rages every day. Lives hang in the balance and I am zealous not to waste such a great opportunity as the men’s retreat to see God rescue and establish men in the life which only he can provide. Men, I hope to see you there!

Pastor Toby

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