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My God Will Supply! And He Will Use You to Do It

In his concluding remarks to the church in Philippi, Paul makes the following statement: “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” What a tremendous promise given to the people of God. Even now, we lay claim to that promise, thankful for a good Father who sees us, knows us, and delights to meet our needs. He is certainly capable of doing so. I have a childhood memory of hearing a friend’s dad remind us of God’s riches by quoting Psalm 50:10, that the Lord owns “the cattle on a thousand hills”. His intention was to remind us that the Lord has plenty, and that He shares generously. (I only later learned that’s not exactly the main point of what the Psalmist is trying to say, but all the same, it’s still true.)

The Lord our God is a generous God. He supplies our needs out of his overflowing, never-ending riches. And so often, the way we experience His generosity is through His people, giving from what they have to be a blessing to others. He invites us to join Him in what He is doing! There are two key blessing opportunities that I want to highlight below, as opportunities to play a small part in the fulfillment of the promise God has made to His people to supply their needs.

As we’ve shared the last two weekends, Bruce and Cindy are retiring from the Mission Field and moving into their home here in Vancouver after 42 years serving the Lord in far-off lands. Now, I know Bruce and Cindy, and I have zero doubt that they are retiring from serving the Lord. They will just continue to do so in non-vocational ways, as the Lord sees fit, here in Vancouver. And so we have a unique opportunity to be a blessing to them as they retire, in helping them have all the things a person needs to make a house a home. We are collecting gift cards from the following places, so that they can furnish and supply their home when they get to town: Costco, Amazon, Winco, Home Depot, or Visa Cash Cards. Would you be open to contributing to this need? You can drop off gift cards here at the church office all week, as well as this coming weekend, and there is a wood box used for collecting them outside the office. In addition, there is a list of items they could use at this google docs link. Please feel free to add your notes.

There is also a unique need to help care for brothers and sisters in the Lord who live far away. Folks we will very likely never meet, but who nonetheless are our family in Christ.  Below are words about this particular opportunity to play a small part in fulfilling God’s promise.

“We are sending emergency winter relief into Afghanistan, as well as to several Afghan refugee families in Pakistan. Right now temperatures in Afghanistan are frigid and there is little to no electricity. $80 will cover the cost of basic needs for an entire Afghan family for one month (oil or wood for heat, and food). This has literally saved the lives of our brothers and sisters and their families the past two years. We are aiming to provide for 50 families, so the total would be $4000, and we have about $1200 committed so far. Please pray that the gifts will meet the physical needs of the Christians and that they will be able to survive the winter and that it would also be used to show the love and light of Christ to people who are still in darkness.”

Give funds for this need:

What a delight it is to be able to use the resources God has graciously given us to be a blessing to other believers! We would love for you to join us in these giving opportunities.

Pastor Ryan Donovan

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