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New Difference Makers

Hi friends! I’m back from several weeks of summer travels. With Fall schedule right around the corner, I returned to discover I was wrong. For some time, I have been saying that if every parent helps either in Awana or once a month in weekend Nursery or Children’s Ministry that all our help needs will be met. Turns out, that’s not true.

Our coordinators have told me that almost every family has at least one parent signed up to help somewhere, but that we still have about 10 once-a-month spots to fill in Nursery and 6 in Children’s Ministry (plus several in Awana)! How can that be?

What I did not account for was the fact that we have had several wonderful volunteers who serve every Sunday with our kids. A couple of them recently announced they need to step down and it takes 8 people serving once a month to do what they did. Using the once-a-month rotation system, we simply don’t have enough people.

What to do?  Obviously, we will have to reconsider our model going forward.  But for now, I am putting out the call for a few new difference makers. That is, people who with a heart willing to serve with our kids on a weekly basis. It used to be the norm in most churches, including ours. But for a variety of reasons, some understandable and some less so, it is now the exception. Please consider this need and pray with me as I work with our coordinators to get ready for a new school year of ministry.

Pastor Toby

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