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Nickel and Dime You to Life

I feel bad for nickels and dimes. A penny is considered fair exchange for someone’s thoughts and two bits will buy you a shave and a haircut, or so it is said. But nickels and dimes have a shady reputation. Unscrupulous vendors will nickel and dime you to death. Apparently, they are the hit men in the world of currency. Or at best, these two coins are indicators a matter is trivial and not worth paying attention to. It’s just nickel and dime stuff.

However, we are midway through a campaign of redemption for coins (and cash) or all denominations. We aim to flip the script on these disfavored silvers and nickel and dime people to life. Literally! How? By sending bottles of them to Options 360.

Options 360 is a women’s clinic here in Vancouver that provides compassionate and critical services for women facing unplanned pregnancies. They have a foundational conviction that every human life is made in God’s image and therefore sacred, and this fuels their drive to help expectant mothers care well for the infant in their womb, both before and after delivery.

Their primary services include pregnancy testing and ultrasound imaging which they offer free of charge. This is only possible because like-minded people give generously to support their lifesaving work. On Mother’s Day weekend we distributed several hundred baby bottles and we are encouraging people to spend the next six weeks filling them with coins or cash. We are asking people to return them on Father’s Day weekend so these funds can be put in service of valuing God’s incredible gift of life.

Pastor Toby

P.S. Donations can also be made online at Options360.org/donate

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