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Not One Needy Person Among Us

While most of our church body has not been harmed physically by COVID-19, many have been impacted financially. Many have had hours cut in half, others have been laid off altogether, and small business owners have seen revenues reduced to a trickle. These are our family members, and we join them in facing this loss.

The First Church of Jerusalem faced their own unique set of troubles, but they did so in an extraordinary way that was summed up with one word: grace. “Great grace was upon them all.” (Acts 4:33) God’s generosity to them in Christ was not just a theological concept, it was a vital force that fueled unprecedented generosity throughout the congregation. They shared with each other so generously that not one person in their 5,000-plus congregation did not have their basic needs met. (Acts 4:34) Amazing!

The Leadership Team is taking steps to help Evergreen follow this beautiful example. The Fellowship Fund has long been our tool for helping people in the church facing financial needs, and we are quickly taking steps to ensure it is equipped to help meet the many needs that are sure to arise. In fact, yesterday a letter was put in the mail to EBC members inviting them to vote on a proposal to transfer $50,000 into the Fellowship Fund, to go with the $25,000 the Leadership Team already transferred. We believe this is right in line with the biblical model.

We need our church family to work together to make this work well.

  1. Giving: For those who are able to do so, simply maintaining your regular offerings is really important. This will enable the church to continue operating with little or no reliance on our savings. Some may even be able to give a special gift to the Fellowship Fund on top of your regular giving. To do so, simply designate “Fellowship Fund” on the check, envelope or Paypal payment.
  2. Needing help: No one likes to ask for financial assistance; we understand that.  But it is important that we be able to help each other. If you are in need, or if you know of someone in the church facing financial difficulty, please reach out to the office or one of the leaders.

Our hope is that the Evergreen family will care for each other with abundant grace reminiscent of the church in Acts 4.

Pastor Toby

Social Gathering Around God’s Word in April

Join us as we read together through the book of Proverbs and 30 of the most popular Psalms through the month of April. Download the Proverbs and Psalms April calendar below and then watch an Introduction Youtube Video from Pastor Matt. Beginning tomorrow, a video will be posted daily on our Facebook pages and on our Youtube Channel.


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