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Not the WiFi. The Enemy.

If you’re a part of the congregation that has been fellowshipping with the church family as a part of the livestream these past couple of weeks, then you know firsthand that it’s been a rough go. We had issues two weeks ago that caused the stream to go down completely. After thinking that we knew what the issue was (our internet service provider), we had similar issues this past weekend as well, causing us to restart the stream.

The Live Stream has been a huge grace over this past year. We praise God for the ways that it has allowed vulnerable members in our congregation to maintain connection, and to be edified by the singing, preaching, and teaching of God’s Word. While we are continuing to try and do the best that we can with making the stream stable and usable for our congregation, the reality is, technology fails.

A couple of weeks ago, a dear sister texted me during the service to let me know about the stream issues. When I replied that I was trying to fix it, and that the problem was the WiFi, she pointed out, “Not the WiFi. The enemy.” My soul needed to hear these words. Rarely do I think about issues from the perspective that the enemy is actively working against the church to thwart God’s plans.

As we continue to work on the Live Stream, seeking to stabilize it, my request is that you would join us in prayer, not so much for WiFi issues, but against the enemy. He wants to isolate our people, and to disconnect us (literally). There’s every reason to be frustrated when our technology doesn’t work how it’s supposed to, but my hope and prayer is that, when it doesn’t, you would see it as not as a WiFi issue, but a Spiritual one, and join us in praying that God would intervene marvelously and miraculously for the good of His people.

Thanks for joining hands in this, church family.

Pastor Ryan

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