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November 10, 2021

Last night we completed our study through the book of Jonah.

As we looked into chapter 4, we saw that Jonah was exceedingly angry at the mercy and love God had toward Nineveh.

Jonah had a really poor attitude throughout this entire story, except when he benefited from the plant God created for him. This was a selfish act of Jonah. Rather than Jonah being righteously angry at the sin of Nineveh, or Joyful in the LORD due to His mercy, Jonah only was happy about the plant that benefited him.

It was easy to take shots at Jonah regarding his attitude regarding the actions of God and his reaction to the plant. There was something important to recognize though. We see a lot of Jonah in ourselves.

We often will throw temper tantrums and strive to get our way just like Jonah did. Furthermore, the overall picture of Jonah was a reminder how we should love our enemies. No wonder God put the book of Jonah in the Bible.

We will start next week on the attributes of God, starting with His infinitude.

The apologetic spotlight is below. This will be updated each week with the discussion we talked about during youth group! This week was about the disciples lying about the resurrection for fame. Did they do it? The answer is most likely not. Why? Well, the women being the first to the tomb, and the intense persecutions the disciples received are great reasons why.


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