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November 18, 2021

Last night we started on our new series, The Attributes of God.

The first attribute we walked about was the infinitude of God. When we took a dive into Isaiah 40 and saw a variety of verses that talked about God’s infinitude.

We also talked about how God would not be worth worshipping if He was not infinite in all things. If there was something in the universe He did not know about, then He wouldn’t be worthy of worship. If He was not infinitely loving, then He would not be worthy of worship.

The great news is our God is infinite is all those things, so He is worthy to be praised!

We finished up in small groups discussing any potential questions the students had regarding the teaching, as well as talking about what stood out to each of us.

The apologetic spotlight was regarding objective moral values. That can be found by clicking on the link below!


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