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November 2, 2021

Hello brothers and sisters!

This week we are moving right along into Jonah chapter 3. We see that Jonah calls Nineveh to repent and the king and people of Nineveh listen.

They show God they’re serious by putting sackcloth on them and fasting. The reason they put sackcloth on themselves was because it actually inflicted some pain, so this was their tiny amount of punishment for their sins, which helped them feel justified.

They fasted because it was their way of showing that their heart is serious for God, rather than following after the steps of Jonah where he simply had knowledge about God.

We will be focusing on the primary reason why they did these things and that is for repentance. We will talk about what it means to repent, and we will provide some illustrations that help the students grasp such an important topic.

We will end the teaching with verse ten recognizing the mercy and grace of God once again.

Also, I wanted to briefly tell you about a new spotlight we are doing every week. It is called the Apologetic Spotlight. This is a brief 5 minute discussion with the students about the evidence God has provided us that help us in our walk with Him. Our first spotlight was last week. The link to the spotlights will be in every review email. This weeks review email I will attach last week and this week’s spotlight.

Middle school guys night details!

We will have students meet at the church at 6:00 P.M. We will provide pizza for the students, but we ask that they also bring a snack to share to the group! We will end the night at 12 A.M. at the church.

Be blessed,

Matt Arnett

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