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November 30, 2017

I hope that you all had a really wonderful thanksgiving week, and that it provided you some time to rest and recharge as we enter the holiday season. It was fun to hear the students talk about their time off of school, and all of the many traditions that they upheld with their families over the break.

Last night, we addressed the question: How do we Know that God Really Exists? We took a little bit of time to gather up and groups before jumping into study, in order to address the question for ourselves. A lot of the answers around the room were really cool to hear. Students saying things like “it takes more faith to believe in the Big Bang than in God,” and “why would someone write the Bible if they knew it was a big lie?” With that, we jumped in… first working out the definitions of “proof” vs “evidence.” Proof being something that’s fact, and evidence being something that forms a theory. We talked for a little bit about the fact that both “science” and “intelligent design” are theories based on evidence, neither are held as universal fact (because people wouldn’t be having the debate, otherwise). That said, we jumped into two specific evidences for the existence of God. 1.) The stars. The vastness of the universe, and even our galaxy. We watched a short clip by Louie Giglio who helped remind us that we are inconsequential even in our own galaxy, and that God created the heavens so that we would look up and remember the glory of the God who made them. On the evidence that the Earth exists in the absolute perfect scenario of distance from the sun, placement in the Milky Way, etc… it takes so much more faith to believe it all happened by “chance” than to say that God designed it perfectly. 2.) The human body. It’s made up of 37.2 Trillion cells, and allows us to do extraordinary things. Again, we watched a short video from Louie Giglio who described a protein molecule that holds our cells together called “laminin.” It’s molecular structure is shaped like a cross! How great is our God, that he would remind us of his son at the molecular level in our bodies! It all goes to show that Romans 1 holds true… “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.”

We wrapped up by talking about the fact that to believe God exists takes faith. But with the evidence of his creation literally screaming out his name, we only have to look past the wisdom of the world (which Romans 1 says is foolishness) to see that God really exists. We had a good time in small groups talking about how marvelous, and wonderful our God is.

One other quick note. On Wednesday, December 13th, Youth Group will be a little bit different. We’ll be loading up the students and taking them to an assisted living home to spread some cheer of the New Born King by singing some carols, and decorating doors. Youth group will start at the same time, and end at the same time on that night. I’m still in the process of reaching out to find an assisted living home that would work with me on this. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know.

Praying this week that you, and your house, would be filled with joy in the news that Jesus has brought you from death to life.

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