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November 30, 2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will resume youth group tomorrow evening. We will continue looking into the attributes of God. The attribute we are going to be looking at is the goodness of God.

The teaching will be broken up into two sections. The first section is God’s goodness. We will look at various verses that talk about God being good, then we will look at Nehemiah chapter 9 where it shows the goodness of God.

The second section is man’s badness in need of God’s goodness. We will analyze what scripture says about human’s sinful nature and how we desperately need God’s goodness in our lives. We will finish up the teaching looking at how good God has been toward us.

The apologetic spotlight will be presented by one of our awesome youth leaders, Brian Jones! He will be talking about dinosaurs and how they fit with the Bible.

We will finish the evening in small groups discussing questions regarding the teaching, as well as praying for one another.

In Yeshua

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