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November 8, 2018

Last night at youth group we got back into the parables, focusing our attention on Luke 15 as we looked at the parable of the prodigal son. After looking a little bit at the context in which Jesus delivers this parable in Luke 15, we turned our attention to a sermon by Matt Chandler who focused in on God’s scandalous grace towards sinners as seen in this parable. We came away seeing that God is the one that does all the work in redeeming his people. He clothes them in his righteousness, and puts the ring of authority on them, and excitedly celebrates when his people enter back into his home. We also saw that the second son’s response, which was just a sinful as the first sons actions, was handled with marvelous grace.

We talked in small groups about God’s grace. The first son in the parable relates to the tax collectors and sinners, and the second son to the pharisees and scribes. We talked for a while about which we most identify with in the ways that we tend to disobey God. Both sons were rebellious toward their father, and both received grace from him.

It was a good night getting back together with the students, and getting into the word with them.

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