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October 12, 2022

Last night we covered Mark chapter two. We talked about two different ways that Jesus established that He was God.

1) He forgave the sins of the paralytic.
2) He called Himself the Son of Man.

Both of those were huge. We talked about how those verses are great talking points when discussing Jesus as God.

We also talked about how crazy it was the Jesus called Matthew to follow Him. In one historical document, it was noted that tax collectors, which was Matthew’s occupation, were considered to be as bad as murderers. Regardless of the label that was placed on tax collectors, Jesus still called Matthew to follow Him, as well as reclined with many tax collectors.

Overall, it was a great evening! We ended our time in small groups where we discussed the text in greater detail.

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Apologetic Spotlight 

Stacy Walters did a fantastic job last night talking about a prophecy Jeremiah made about Edom. It was prophesied in Jeremiah 49 that Edom would become a place of horror and would no longer be an area where people lived. There is archaeological evidence that shows Edom was an ancient city, and you can go to the area today, which is in modern day Jordan, and the area still has no inhabitants. This prophecy was fulfilled hundreds of years later, which is amazing!

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