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October 13, 2020

Last week we started a month long series on the topic of Service. The hope is that we would cultivate a heart of service, not out of compulsion to earn favor with God, but out of hearts that love God and want to be like Him.

Last week we looked in depth at how God created humanity to be workers and keepers. He didn’t create us to sit around – but to engage with His creation, and to make it better. We talked about the fact that, God doesn’t in fact NEED our help – He invites us into His work for His glory and our joy. That’s what service is: Being supplied by God the strength and joy to do the work that we were created to do!

This week, we’ll be looking at Philippians 2. In this chapter, Paul gives four examples of men who are, first and foremost, servants. These men are Jesus, himself, Timothy, and Epaphroditus. The goal tomorrow is to dissect the examples of these men (one of them being God in the flesh), in order to come away with an idea of what makes them such fantastic servants of the Lord. Then, the goal is to apply it to our lives trying to answer the question: How do I count others as more significant than myself on a regular, ongoing basis.


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