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October 19, 2022

Last night we learned that Jesus did not call perfect people to follow Him. He called a denier, betrayer, doubter, and a liar to follow Him and be His Apostles. That is good news as we are all sinners as well and Jesus calls us to be His hands and feet.
We also learned that if you are worried about blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, then you haven’t blasphemed. This kind of blaspheming that was talked about is a continuous rejection of the Holy Spirit until your dying breath.

We ended in small groups where we had some deep conversations that challenged us to seek scripture for answers.

Apologetic Spotlight 

Our spotlight last night was done by Emily Aufenkamp. It was great! She started off by giving us the definition of a prophet which was really helpful for the students. She proceeded to talk about a prophecy made by Isaiah around 700 B.C. about Babylon being destroyed. She showed us various pieces of archaeological evidence that proved Babylon being overthrown by various kingdoms hundreds of years later! Incredible! It was a great night for the spotlight.

We are watching a movie for Halloween October 31st, 7PM – 9 PM. We will watch Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. If you would rather your student come and hangout at church rather than be out during this night, then the church will be open for a couple hours to watch a movie and have snacks!

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