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October 25, 2018

Just a small report from last night’s youth group. We had a review and game night in which we used Kahoot! to review the parables that we’ve been going through for the past month. It seems like most of the students are tracking really well with our time in the Word, which is encouraging! Then, after playing a couple rounds of “Chinese Dodgeball” we broke out into our small groups to plan Trunk or Treat! We had the students come up with themes to help their youth leaders decorate, and some of the ideas are awesome! I’m really excited to see if they can make some of them come to life come Wednesday the 31st!

Trunk or Treat is an outreach event, as flyers will be going home to the Marion kids on Friday. I’m super excited about working with the youth that can come to “redeem the day.” We talked a bit about that last night. We really want to be a light for Jesus on a day that typically celebrates the darkness. I’d be grateful if your students would join us! They are free to dress up, we just ask that they not dress up in anything scary, gory, etc. Again, our goal is to be different from the world, while still being in the world.

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