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October 5, 2022

Last night we finished Mark chapter one. It was a great night as we saw Jesus healing a multitude of people, exorcising demons, and breaking cultural norms by touching a leper. We also noticed how busy Jesus was, but He still found time to meet with the Father.

We finished our night in small groups where we discussed the importance of Jesus touching the leper. We also dove into our busy schedules and how we can find time to meet with the Father like Jesus did.

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Last night we reintroduced the apologetic spotlight that was started last year. Each night we have a topic regarding apologetics to help arm our students with evidence for their faith.

This series is on prophecies that were made, then fulfilled by someone else hundreds of years later that also have archaeological evidence.

We will eventually have each spotlight we do on our website if you would like to check it out. I will inform you when that is ready for viewing.

Titus Prevatt, who is one of our seniors, presented the spotlight last night. He talked about Ezekiel prophesying about the destruction of Tyre and how that was fulfilled hundreds of years later by Alexander the Great. There is also archaeological evidence that proves Alexander the Great did everything Ezekiel prophesied would happen! This is amazing! Our God is perfect in His word. Praise YHWH!

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